Saturday, 21 February 2015

LFW | Day 2: Nubian Queen

Scarf - Monki
Multiple necklace - River Island
Earrings - River Island
Dress - James Hock (via Studio Collection)
Trousers - H&M
Boots - Primark
Clutch - TRF Zara

So day 2, and I told y'all I'd switch it up! Here I'm channelling my Nubian Queen vibe, as the dress is pretty oversized I thought why not go oversized errthing and do an oversized turban and pile on the jewellery, and I think it really is the jewellery that sets the whole outfit apart, I've left links to all of them above! I love the asymmetric design of this dress, and I think the construction is perfect - I'm wearing oversized without looking like a potato snack, win! I hadn't originally planned on wearing the trousers with this outfit, but I feel naked without layering (literally would have been naked with just this dress on in the current 5 degrees conditions ahhh) but when I threw them on I kinda liked how they looked with the outfit, which is basically shamelessly the process of me getting dressed everyday - nothing is planned, everything is literally thrown together. Again below I have included some images below of today's team, and how they rocked LFW day 2.. 

*images by David Nyanzi and Sam Travis*

Also, just wanted to say a quick thank you to the team at Inari Eyewear for gifting me these incredible sunglasses! Don't miss out on grabbing yourself a sassy pair, and go check out their collection here.

As always stay tuned!
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